5 Ways Kidibank™ Will Help Your Child Have the Best School Year Ever by Angela Pruess

You may be ready for a break from all the noise, mess and bickering, but are you ready to send your child off to school fully confident they are starting the year with their best foot forward? We all want our child to succeed and to give them every tool possible in effort of setting the stage for a positive and productive year.

Back to school is upon us! As parents, the beginning of school finds us searching for ways to make daily life and schedules easier and more functional. Of course our kids want this too!

Luckily, navigating school and home life with confidence is made much easier with Kidibank™.

Let’s chat about 5 stressful school-year scenario’s and how Kidibank™ can help you and your child navigate them with style.

  1. Less recreation/play time for your child

With long hours at school, homework and extracurriculars, it is challenging for kids to find time to relax and just be kids (which research tells us they very much need to do).

How Kidibank™ helps: When children learn to be organized and efficient in completing tasks, they can maximize their free time. You can help your child learn productivity basics by assisting them in prioritizing and thoughtfully planning out daily tasks and goals in the Kidibank™ app.

  1. Household expectations go by the wayside

With parent work stress and your child’s school responsibilities it can be easy to stop encouraging your child to contribute to the household and just assume the extra workload yourself.

How Kidibank™helps: Research tells us that kids who grow up with consistent household responsibilities become more competent, responsible and self-reliant. Kidibank™ takes the stress and nagging out of household expectations by allowing you to track consistent tasks in the app (bonus: this also takes the guesswork out of what needs to be done for kids as well).


  1. Burnout from busy schedules

One of the most important sets of skills your child can develop are executive functioning skills. Executive functioning skills encompass a broad range of abilities such as task planning, organization, focus and working memory and are the building blocks for life-long success.

How Kidibank™ helps: Kidibank™ is a tool that supports your child’s growing executive functioning skills by encouraging and assisting in both visual task/goal planning and prioritization of daily responsibilities.


  1. Screen-time battles

You know it’s highly likely your child will ask for screen time within minutes of stepping off the schoolbus. You also know full well that balance is important and setting healthy limits with technology is good parenting.

How Kidibank™ helps: Kidibank™ gives you the ability to practice management of screentime in a fun and collaborative way. Start a conversation with your child around technology pros and cons. Discuss the importance of balance with screen time. Then parent and child can team up to find healthy daily/weekly expectations and allow Kidibank™ to monitor from there!


  1. Pressure for parents to function for their child

Seeing mounting challenges in front of your child, can feel overwhelming to witness, and it is tempting to relieve these feelings by over-functioning for your child. However, positive intentions can easily go south taking on the form of actually doing things for them.

How Kidibank™helps:The more your child has opportunities to be self-reliant, the higher the odds are they will develop into a responsible adult. By allowing your child to step up to the plate and manage their own goals and routines in Kidibank™, you are providing opportunities for them to develop the skills they need to function productively throughout both their home and work life


Set the stage for the year ahead and beyond

The start of each new school year brings new challenges and new opportunities to teach your child valuable life skills that will allow them to develop into a healthy and self-sufficient adult. Often times figuring out how to teach our child these skills can be confusing, intimidating or just plain overwhelming. Luckily Kidibank™ changes that and gives you a fun and collaborative way to lay the groundwork for not only a successful year but a successful future.

Goals includes chores/house participation and personal objectives and the screen time monitor allows to set good regular/healthy habits so the entire family participates and stay sane!


Find out more about Kidibank™, the positive parenting app at www.kidibank.com

Angela Pruess, LMFT, is a Child and Family Therapist and special needs parent on a mission to support and empower parents of behaviorally challenging kids.  Over at parentswithconfidence.com, she wants to make life easier for you by decoding your child’s maddening behaviors, as well as their developmental and emotional needs. When she’s not supporting parents, or seeing kids in her private practice, she is at home being challenged (a lot) by her own three kids (and sometimes husband). Follow her on facebook.