Setting Your Family on the Path to Success with Kidibank™ by Angela Pruess

While it’s true we are surrounded by dirty laundry and Lego’s as opposed to cubicles and stale coffee, superficial differences aside, parents and office bosses and managers actually share quite a bit in common. Parents engage dutifully in countless activities each day which promote the order and function of their family unit, and we all know from experience that there are two types of bosses; the kind you want to work for, and the kind that you don’t.

Like any successful manager or boss, parents can benefit from using skills and approaches that have been shown to promote cooperation and success; healthy communication, positive engagement, setting clear expectations, and adequate provision of support/guidance.

Kidibank™ is your go-to positive parenting ‘management tool’ that will keep your family on track with each and every one of these powerhouse strategies, that when implemented, lead to success in any environment.

Healthy Communication

Communication skills are possibly the most vital relationship tool one can acquire. In any given dynamic whether in the workplace or at home, positive communication skills increase effective problem solving, promote shared thoughts and feelings and increase empathy and understanding of those around us.

Kidibank™ was designed on the premise of family connectedness through communication. With all family members having their own avatar and access to a shared platform, everyone can be on the same page each day. When busy schedules and the chaos of family life threaten to close off the vital lines of communication in families, Kidibank™ saves the day with a way to keep in contact, even when we’re physically apart.

Positive Engagement

In any environment both professional or personal, when we feel heard and validated we are then motivated to be the best version of ourselves. When a person feels they are a valued member of a team whose ideas are sought after and listened to, they will be more likely to perform successfully, living up to their full potential.

This concept is modeled in authoritative parenting approaches which emphasize mutual respect and collaboration. We know without a doubt from decades of research that authoritative parenting approaches lead to positive outcomes in the family system.

Kidibank™ sets the stage for this powerful approach from the start, by providing a venue for families to work together in collaboration throughout the creation and completion of mutually desired goals.

Allowing and even welcoming feedback from all family members relating to household responsibilities, expectations and goals lays the groundwork for positive engagement and increases the chance of meeting our goals.

Clear Expectations

When directors are confusing and ambiguous in regards to goals and expectations for their subordinates, productively and follow through unsurprisingly suffer. After all, if we are unsure of what’s required from us how can we be expected to perform? This is a common trap for parents. We assume that if we tell our child something once, they will then be able to consistently execute.

In reality there are many brain mechanisms responsible for task execution which are housed in our pre-frontal cortex. This area of the brain is not fully developed until our early 20’s. For this reason, having concrete reminders and visuals depicting expectations and tasks to be completed is hugely helpful for children.

Children have a much easier time processing visual input (especially if stressed or overwhelmed) as opposed to auditory. This is why kids need to see pictures in books, and schools have visuals of rules and routines covering the walls. Having the ability to consistently view tasks in Kidibank™, gives children the repetition they need in order to follow through with guidelines and expectations.

Providing Adequate Support and Guidance

When an employee is given positive support and helpful guidance they are then able to increasingly acquire the necessary skills to carry out tasks successfully and independently. Kidibank™ provides parents the opportunity to track and follow up with their child’s tasks and goals allowing for the offering of support and assistance when needed.

Research tells us that having household responsibilities directly correlates with long term happiness and contentment. When parents support their child through the Kidibank™ features, they are helping to promote independence and increase contribution to the greater good of the family system.

When it comes to parents being successful managers of their family, using the Kidibank™ app will make them eligible for a big promotion in no time.


Using the Kidibank™ app allows parents engage positively with their children in order to promote self-competence, healthy habits and responsibilities. Find out more at


Angela Pruess, LMFT, is a Child and Family Therapist and special needs parent on a mission to support and empower parents of behaviorally challenging kids.  Over at, she wants to make life easier for you by decoding your child’s maddening behaviors, as well as their developmental and emotional needs. When she’s not supporting parents, or seeing kids in her private practice, she is at home being challenged (a lot) by her own three kids (and sometimes husband). Follow her on facebook.