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Parenting nowadays can sometimes feel like a tireless juggling act between work and home commitments and, children not coming with an instruction manual, the navigating of overflowing yet sometimes contradicting parenting advice out there to ensure that we give our children the best education and skills possible to become awesome people can be overwhelming.

As a team of working parents, with the assistance of psychological and educational experts, we felt it was essential for parents and children to have a functional family support app for key parenting matters and developmental milestones. We designed the Kidibank™ app to be a useful, fun and engaging tool for parents to keep track of their children’s allowance and pocket money, goals (chores and personal development objectives) and screen time usage.

At a time when economies are becoming increasingly cash-less, it is fundamental that children – soon to be young adults out in the world – are aware from a young age of financial concepts and mechanisms such as earning, budgeting, spending and saving, in order for them to become savvy independent and, ideally, debt-free adults. Kidibank™ allows you to set a weekly allowance for each child, record and track spending through the individual statements. Children know how much they get every week so they can budget for their wants, learn to spend within their limits and also save towards a Target. It saves parents the headache it can be of remembering individual amounts and transactions, having the correct amount to hand out on them, lecturing on lost coins/bills and having to double-fund when shopping!

The Goals features is the perfect tool to assign to each child various responsibilities in and around the house, not only for children to be meaningful and helpful family members as they should but also as personal development objectives. Basic tasks, hygiene, routines and household participation are key life skills that children need to acquire to grow into healthy, self-reliant, free individuals. All kids thrive with set routines and defined expectations, they love feeling helpful and having their input appreciated. From their own Kidibank™ Child interface they can view their account and set out to fulfil their daily goals responsibly and independently, giving them an intrinsic sense of motivation, achievement and self-worth. Ours totally embraced the concept and are asking for new ones to be added regularly, we hope yours will too because it’s brilliant for all to be working as a team!

In addition to the financial part, the Kidibank™ app also utilizes Stars as an alternative potential “currency” and acknowledgement of effort. The Stars can become a “mini-economy” system for children to earn, save or swap towards their wants or special treats, which is especially great for little learners. We found that the Kidibank™ Stars system is an easy way to un-monetize all aspects of family life. Whichever you family values in terms of rewards or financial compensation are, you can customize the app easily to suit your preferences and what works best for you and each of your children.

When it comes to screen’s exposure, as parents we all seem to feel slightly overwhelmed, guilty of the lack of monitoring and apprehensive to attempt to impose non-consistent or hard to follow through limits. The Kidibank™ app includes a screen time daily allowance that you (ideally with your children’s input) set, which tracks individual usage to allow parents to set effective limits. Children can then be self-aware of and more responsible towards their media consumption as they can also save non-used time in their Bank for later. It works wonders in our homes as self-regulation seems to easily kick in when the principles are understood and accepted. Rather than a “restriction” it becomes a “healthy check” which allows for true, screen-free, childhood moments which is what they truly need!

As working parents, we believe that parents should get all the help they can when it comes to raising awesome children and brilliant human beings. We are also passionate about allowing children to grasp, learn, understand, make mistakes, achieve, prosper and grow to be smart, skilled, independent awesome adults. Parenting is a wonderful adventure, let’s all make the most of it!

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